Syvecs Ultimate Customer support ! (Story)

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Syvecs Ultimate Customer support ! (Story)

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I'm really sorry but I have to share this with the community ..

So I've been using Syvecs S6+ on my (unusual platform) the 2008 BMW M3 since 2016 and never even once That I asked for help or assistance of any kind on my unit and I didn't get the help I need right away from Rayan ( Syvecs dubai ) ..

But when my car got mishandled at some other workshops here in Dubai and they managed to fry my ECU and worse not take responsibility for it, not only that but in such bad timing when I'm like many others have been hit financially quite badly with the aftermath of the pandemic and events like these would literally disable my ability to even own the car and think of stopping everything and sell it to cover my losses, Rayan stood beside my and repaired my unit ..not only that but I actually sent it back to UK and had mainboards replaced within this global shortage of electronic supplies and gave it back to me ! .. I couldn't believe it really that a company would do such thing and especially they are not responsible for the damage .. I'm very very thankful and I want Rayan to know that you didn't just repair a damaged ECU unit and save me those charges but you actually have helped me to continue owning my car longer and made my life a lil easier ..and for that I thank you

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Re: Syvecs Ultimate Customer support ! (Story)

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Great news, hopefully your project is moving along now.
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Re: Syvecs Ultimate Customer support ! (Story)

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I have had the S6GP for 5 years now, and considering this one time.purchase (I'd buy and build more if I had the money believe me) the support I have had off Ryan (who had always tuned my car previously also) has been second to none

Syvecs really is an amazing outfit

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Re: Syvecs Ultimate Customer support ! (Story)


Syvecs (and Life Racing) are in my experience excellent in all regards. They are so good (hardware/software/support) that we don't waste our time on any other 'alternative' products.
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