Stack data stream addition

Any feature requests for the Syvecs Engine Control Systems
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Re: Stack data stream addition

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I didnt know the speed of it so thanks. bit awkward that baud rate as there would be ~8% error on speed with my clock rate.
The real issue is code size. I've not looked into CAN massively but the packets are quite large for trivially small data. whilst im sure i could 'forget' most of the packet and not care about it, i dont see i can improve what i have with the serial if the CAL state was added. Saying that, by the time DCCD cal gets added etc there is probably a need for customising the stream. So I may just be wasting my time (nothing new there lol)

This was just a small project i did personally before your system was out and i never had any commercial interests. So i can see its a bit hard to change the firmware for little old me when there are more pressing updates to impliment, like the DCCD strategies ! And another way to get the data.

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Re: Stack data stream addition

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Since the customer RS232 follows the CAN config, you can configure the CAN to only send the packets you want. You can, effectively, mimic the STACK stream and just add the CAL switch data - and turn off any frames you don't need to keep the overall data to a minimum; and set the update rate slow enough to not overload your controller.

The 8% error may be an issue, so could you change the crystal to correct for it?
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Re: Stack data stream addition

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Thread revival time.

I want to use CAN ECHO for the datastream to my RS232 connected Dash4Pro, which works currently using RT datastream.
I want to replace the last two frames with EGT and TC Cal switch values, hence I want to replicate what RT sends when RT is chosen, prove that works, then substitute the two final values for something more useful.

How do I customise the can Transmit Content on the S8/F88?
I can see four columns, slot 1 to 4
And each column has 40 rows, frames 1 to 40

If I wanted to mimic the Race Technology RS232 data stream, do I remove everything from a column (slot), and populate frames 1 to 20 with the following? If so, which Slot do I replace?
Engine speed,
Throttle Pos,
Manifold Pressure,
Vehicle Speed,
Oil Pressure,
Fuel pressure,
Batt Volts,
Gear Pos,
Water Temp,
Oil Temp,
Air Temp,
Time in to lap,
Last lap time
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Re: Stack data stream addition

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I believe it goes across the screen, so 4 frames per slot ? How many CAN's etc does your ecu have ?

Everything should be under Datastreams, Generic CAN transmit, and you'd configure much the same as the receive side of things ( as per configuring to receive EGT's etc )
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Re: Stack data stream addition

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The Syvecs CAN echo uses a Syvecs-specific protocol (which got changed without notice recently by the way) to encode the frame/slots of the CAN stream directly.

I would be very surprised if any other Dash happened to use the same protocol, but I guess it's possible. The first thing to get hold of would be the RT datastream definition. I suspect the fact that (from memory - not got it installed on this device) SCal allows for a very specific RT protocol to be selected implies it is different to the CAN echo protocol.
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