NTK 24300 Calibration

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NTK 24300 Calibration

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I'm in a dillema. I would like to clear that.
I have changed two innovate units because of their accuracy.
Now I have ordered NTK L1H1 which came with NTK 24300 label.
It has 5-wires and i believe it is L2H2(Yellow,Blue,Grey,Black,White) rather than L1H1.(White,Yellow,Orange,Red,Black)
Anyway, no problem here.
I'm running both Innovate and NTK 24300 right now and they have some differences measuring the AFr.
As you can see the in the logs NTK response is much better than Innovate but it has some differences.(ignore the afr spikes it is an innovative glitch)

So I'm not sure which is the right calibration of the sensor. Do I need to calibrate according to L1H1 or L2H2?
I have also found some calibrations on the web which does not suit each other.

http://www.efitechnology.com/documents/ ... ctions.pdf
http://mycomputerninja.com/~jon/www.pgm ... andO2.html

They don't suit each other. Before uninstalling the innovate I want to set an accurate calibration for NTK.

2009-11-09 21-12-56 S6#0167.SD
NTK 24300 vs. Innovate LC1
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Re: NTK 24300 Calibration

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You won't find a calibration for the NTK sensor on the Internet because they're all voltage related, whereas the "reading" from a UEGO sensor is the ion pump current. The sensor current normally enters a transimpedance amplifier, the output of which is then a voltage that's proportional to the ion pump current and thus measurable by an ADC. There is no guarantee that our transimpedance amplifier will have the same characteristics as anyone else's so simply using some other manufacturer's curve is highly deprecated. If you want to use an unknown sensor then calibrate it yourself; we have a tube which has three lambda bosses in it, one for a reference sensor and two for a pair of NTKs going into an S8; the tube has two additional holes, one tiny to allow air in very slowly and a larger one to feed in an inert gas to dilute the oxygen concentration in the tube.

Hope this helps,

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