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  • SDM300/500

    A dedicated ECU control display page allows easy selection of different ECU maps (ECU calibration switch) as well as switching of ECU functions such as ALS (anti-lag) and launch control. The user can manipulate these ECU settings either via the supplied SDM-Joystick (SDM-500/500 GPS) or the side keys on-the-fly, without the need for a PC.

  • SDM700

    SDM-700® is our new 7” Pro-level Dash Display & Central Logger that is suitable for the most demanding of usage cases. Weighting less than 800g, it comes in a high quality , IP67 sealed, CNC aluminium enclosure and features an ultra-vivid, high-brightness anti-reflective TFT display. Combines best-in-class display functionality and UI with full spectrum datalogging and performance measurements. Comes in two version (Basic & PRO) and is very easy and quick to configure via our Device Manager SW.

  • Toucan

    Toucan is an innovative touchscreen display unit that connects, via CAN bus to the Syvecs engine management systems. It has 2 main functions: 1.Easy naming and selection of Calibrations (or maps), in place of the standard rotary switch. 2.Extensive gauge displays, complete with audible and visible alarms, as well as absolute and dynamic peak markers.

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