Wireless Connection Module

Wireless Connection Module

The New Syvecs Wifi Module is now available, Designed to work with our unique Ethernet protocol it allows calibrators/end users the luxury of being able to connect to our ecus, expanders and dash without the need of any cable!



Its the Perfect tool for calibrators who work with Drag cars and are able to monitor the track from competitors and adjust launch parameters seconds before to suit.

Circuit Pit stop checks and adjustments now become a breeze and allows the crew to not be disturbed.

Connection to Multiple ecus is now available at just the click of a button.

Range of 50metres

Dimensions H-650mm , W-650mm , D-200mm

Comes with 2 fitting options, Fixed or Flexible

Retail £150 +vat

Fitting Guide Here - http://www.syvecs.com/downloads/Syvecs%20Wifi%20Module.pdf


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