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  • Wireless Connection Module

    The New Syvecs Wifi Module is now available, Designed to work with our unique Ethernet protocol it allows calibrators/end users the luxury of being able to connect to our ecus, expanders and dash without the need of any cable!

  • Bluetooth Module

    Syvecs Telemetry Bluetooth Module is designed for use with Apple and Android Devices. Enabling users to view custom configurable data on there portable devices. This data can then be viewed in a series of gauges which can be setup based on the customers personal preference all done via the mobile device.

  • 50Hz GPS Module

    The Syvecs 50hz GPS Module is designed to provide even more control to our engine control units with accurate global positioning, acceleration forces for 6 axis and GPS Speed.  Fast positioning lock with hot restarts due to internal battery storing last positioning data

  • Syvecs KT8

    The KT8 Can Module is designed to provide even more data to our engine control units with accurate K Type thermocouple sensor readings over Can-bus on either a 1mb or 500kb bus.

  • Sensors

    Range of Sensors to complement the Syvecs range of Engine management systems

  • Actuators -- (Driver/Solenoids)

    External Actuators or Drivers used for anything from Boost Control, Supercharger Bypass, Drive By Wire

  • Nissan R35GTR 4WD Module

    The Syvecs R35GTR 4WD Controller was designed for purely motorsport use, allowing owners to get round the sudden lose of 4wd on the race track which has caused at least one big accident in motorsport. It also allows drag users to put the R35GTR into rear wheel drive mode for a short burnout to get tyres warm and clean.

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