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  • ECU - Plug in Kits

    Plug in Kits designed to work with many models of cars. Integrating all the CANBUS and OEM Controls. Adding more control and Features!

  • ecu_s8
    Details Purchase RRP: From £1359+vat
    ECU - General Purpose

    The S6GP is our entry level management system offering 16 x Inputs, 22 x Outputs, 1 x Lambda Input, 1 x Knock Input and 1 x EGT Input. All software features are enabled with upgrade available for Advanced Knock control used on the S8 and S12

  • Gasoline Direct Injector Driver

    The Syvecs 12 Channel GDI Driver allows 12 GDI Injectors to be driven all from one box, designed to work with all GDI Solenoid injectors including parts from VAG Group, Ford, GM and Bosch via Updatable Software which can be flashed to the Unit via USB. Designed to work with all types of Engine Management systems

  • Displays

    The perfect way to keep an eye on parameters from the ECU and change calibrations. Lap timing, external data-logging, GPS support and much more

  • I/O Expanders

    Syvecs Input/Output expansion units are designed to offer extra analogue inputs and logic outputs for customers who have the Engine management under control but require I/O for maximises other strategies on the Syvecs range or to provide more infomation on Datalogging . CAN Interfaces provide communication to ECU's or Displays

  • Power Distribution Units

    Syvecs Power Distribution units are designed to replace the use of a conventional relay boxs. It provides multi channel solid state logic driven processing, which is fully software configurable using our PDU cal tool. Features include logic inputs and power outputs with validation and debounce settings. RS232 and CAN provide communication to external displays and data loggers

  • Accessories

    Syvecs range of Accessories to work with our products. From Air Intake Sensor to our well recognized R35GTR 4WD Module

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