Latest S8C Firmware

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Re: Latest S8C Firmware

Post by Ryan.g »

This Link is for version 1.527 of the S8 firmware.


Help Video on new firmware below

* ability to choose whether cal sw map add modifies wg limit or max
* fixed issue if fuel pump 1 set to pwm and not assigned a pin but pump 2 or 3 are assigned pins
* maximum turbo speed reading increased from 250Krpm to 300Krpm
* cal override re-use mask time
* cal override minimum gear
* cal override minimum engine speed
* cal override maximum latg
* calOverrideDecision monitoring item
* cal override (push to pass) budgeting
* sensor switch usable over gen can rx
* engine disable on absent slave comms optional
* prime option for fuel pumps 2 and 3
* high pps engine start disable added (by ppsFinal)
* brake and throttle cut disabled by gear blip active
* rename cal switch wastegate 'adder' to 'adjustment'
* Auto Trans - The shift output mode sets whether each output works to hold the box in gear (as before) or to change gear. If you leave this set all to HOLD (the default) then the other two new maps should be irrelevant and everything should work as before.
* Auto Trans - The gear change matrix sets whether a change output is used to go up or down (or even both, unlikely but just maybe possible in combination with something other output) according to the gear you are changing FROM. If you set something in here for an output not listed as a change output in the shift output mode, it will have no effect. Likewise if you set something in the normal gear control matrix or on/off/ramp duties for an output listed as CHANGE in the shift output mode map, it will have no effect. The output is in one mode or the other.
*Auto Trans - The shift duty during change map sets the fixed pwm duty used during a shift for outputs in the CHANGE mode. The duty is set at the point in the shift that the normal outputs are changed. It is held for the 'Delay From Shift Outputs Change To Line Harden' time. At that point the duty is cleared immediately to zero. There are no ramps for CHANGE outputs.
*Nissan VK Trigger Pattern Added
* Torque Estimation from Fuel flow Calcs
* Alternate wheel spin calculation as discussed.
* LR GPS CAN accelerometers beat Bosch M4 CAN accelerometers.
* launch control stage Maps(alternate cut and retard maps on the line)
* wheel speed fault detection if too fast
* wheel speed fault detection if too slow and others are above a too slow detection enable speed
* wheel speed spike detection applies to speeds received over can
* vehicle speed and driven speed calculations now omit any wheel speed detected faulty
* overall vehicle/driven speed fault only set if all relevant speeds are faulted
* fuel pump 2/3 threshold zero turns => always on when engine turning or pump 1 run on
* rev limit able to select permanent ignition effect
* limp limiter is same type as normal limiter (not forced to fuel cuts)
* rev limit help
* paddle shift upshift output delay (does not apply to half shifts)
* traction control ignition cut (for rotaries)
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Re: Latest S8C Firmware

Post by Ryan.g »

This Link is for version 1.551 of the S8 firmware.


Changes since 1.527

* centre diff handbrake throttle threshold range now -25..125
* wowSwitch available via gen can rx
* n2oSwitch available via gen can rx
* loggingSwitch available via gen can rx
* sdip hold angle hidden if energise to relieve
* allow vehSpdFault false with vehicleSpeed from gps with big warning, for gps tc drag cars
* pitch and roll sensor definitions
* ecu on time monitoring item
* traction control spin target hold and decay (for chicanes especially)
* rename clutch pressure from clp to clpr
* clutch position sensor (clps)
* clutch position sensor derivative fast (clpsDTF)
* clutch paddle position sensors a and b (clppA, clppB)
* clutch paddle position maximum (clppMax)
* rename clutch control output as open loop on/off
* add clutch control (closed loop position) output
* Basic PWM 02 Y axis indexing fixed (I hope)

* Lots more items selectable for configurable axis lookups

* Five more configurable maps, single-axis this time

* Twelve more ways to use configurable maps:
Basic pwm 01 Duty Multiplier
Basic pwm 01 Duty Adder (applied after multiplier)
Basic pwm 02 Duty Multiplier
Basic pwm 02 Duty Adder (applied after multiplier)
Fan 3 Duty Multiplier
Fan 3 Duty Adder (applied after multiplier)
Fan 6 Duty Multiplier
Fan 6 Duty Adder (applied after multiplier)
Fan 7 Duty Multiplier
Fan 7 Duty Adder (applied after multiplier)
Fan 8 Duty Multiplier
Fan 8 Duty Adder (applied after multiplier)
* cm map dash (all items referenced for axes plus all cm output values)
* cal switch dbw target limit now f(alsSelect/calSelect,gear)
* cal switch dbw pedal to throttle demand multiplier f(alsSelect/calSelect,gear)
* new cm map use: sdipTarg adder (note this is applied before the target rate-of-change limiting)
* user naming (cf calSelect) for alsSelect
* user naming (cf calSelect) for gcSelect
* user naming (cf calSelect) for tcSelect
* user naming (cf calSelect) for launchSelect
* lr gps receive enable now differentiates original (gps-a10) gps box and new gps-ag50
* yaw/pitch/roll no longer faulted when receiving from gps-a10
* gps-ag10 yaw overrides (no longer clashes with) yaw from bosch m4
* gpsAltitude received from gps-ag50
* gear cut dog kick now f(gear,gearShiftDirection)
* low ecp trip threshold becomes f(ectMin)
* gpsSpeed internal units changes from knots to kph
* split configurable maps menu into 2d and 3d sections
* rename configurable maps so 2d are cm201.. and 3d are cm301..
* ten more configurable maps cm206..210 and cm306..310

* gsp minimum on time
* gsp minimum off time
* gsp leak detect pressure and time
* gsp fail state
* gsp maximum prime time
* gsp power up delay time

These help when running a hydraulic shift system in particular.

* paddle shift up down pwm frequency settings
* paddle shift up down pwm duty settings

These help when running a hydraulic shift system in particular, to allow the shift actuator force to be reduced.

* option for key-on bap from ccp1
* alternator minimum engine speed
* bit combined monitoring item for knock pre ignition count on cylinders 1..8
* change light configurable from rpm or rpmAvg
* bpd selectable sum or max of compensated bpf and bpr
* minimum vehicle speed for anti lag active (default zero)

This can help with garage testing of cars where ALS is really only desired on circuit at speed.

* torque reduction source identification monitoring items (trqXSrc)
* engine coolant pressure trip
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Re: Latest S8C Firmware

Post by Ryan.g »

This Link is for version 1.578 of the S8 firmware.


Changes since 1.551

* btMax available as cm axis
* gear shift half shift for neutral now supports R{N}1 as well as 1{N}2
* fuel pump 1 (in pwm mode only) output type configurable LS/HB/FB
* centre diff pwm output type configurable LS/HB/FB
* check lambda targets 2/4 contain no zeroes at power up if running flex fuel
* full help on paddle shift
* full help on gear cut
* full help on dbw
* number of limp activations in log book header
* last limp activation cause in log book header
* last limp activation cause in log book entries
* engTrqlim available as cm axis
* engTrqLimMlt available as cm axis
* gearBlipState available as cm axis
* gearCutState available as cm axis
* gearShiftState available as cm axis
* wgMapErr1/2 available as cm axis
* wg2MapErr1/2 available as cm axis
* wgMapTarg1/2 available as cm axis
* wg2MapTarg1/2 available as cm axis
* cllTarg1/2 available as cm axis
* change lambda breakpoint range to allow 0.5 .. 1.5 for cm breakpoints
* new cm map use: transient fuelling positive clamp multiplier
* new cm map use: transient fuelling negative clamp multiplier
* new cm map use: vvt inlet target adder
* new cm map use: vvt exhaust target adder
* reverse order of application of env mod and clamp in TFC (as done earlier in S6)
* fan3/6/7/8 output type configurable LS/HB/FB
* coil dwell y axis with configurable-item breakpoints
* air con output enable by configurable item within range including hysteresis
* vq3x pattern reference tooth offset up to three teeth in either direction
* vq3x pattern allow ±9deg crank offset
* New maximum ppsB value for pedal A/B validation to support
* Full course yellow and pit limit stall prevention in speed mode
* Default full course yellow and pit switch validation times set to what used to be hardcoded

* help notes that pit max time and distance 0 mean infinite; increase maximum values also

* act1A/1B sensor definitions with manual and auto-switch
* act2A/2B sensor definitions with manual and auto-switch

* als triggers recovery from actmax not act1

* cal override disable option while full course yellow limit active
* cal override disable option while pit limit active
* cal override permission last lap time min and max
* cal override permission hold time countdown monitoring item
* cal override minimum and maximum active time countdown monitoring items
* initialise sdipXDutyKI to minimum value rather than 1.0
* reset sdipXDutyKI to minimum value rather than 1.0 when control disabled / max dip hit
* prevent near-zero-length logbook entries
You should notice no change other than that the minimum log book entry length should now genuinely be three seconds, though note that doesn't mean the engine actually ran for three seconds of course.
* up/down cal switch initial position calibratable (fixed specified position or unchanged=remembered)
Rather than always being remembered, you can optionally force the position at startup. This only applies when using cal up / cal down not a rotary.
* fix to allowing vehSpdFault false with vehicleSpeed from gps
* new configurable map use : gear cut open loop time adder
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Re: Latest S8C Firmware

Post by Ryan.g »

This Link is for version 1.590 of the S8 firmware.


Changes since 1.578

* driveRatioError available as cm axis
* lapDistance available as cm axis
* tacho in via gen can rx (when using the ECU as a GCU/logger with engine control disabled)
* launch exit vehicle speed validation timer (can be used to prevent wheel guns causing premature launch exit in pits)
* sbv position sensor 1/2 with independent key on
* closed loop gear shift actuator hold time from engagement detection
* sbv control per bank
* tpsDTMax item
* tps1DT/tps2DT/tpsDTMax available as cm axis
* als recovery on high ect, eot
* gear blip trail target and time (handled by pre-blip state machine)
* gear change light timeout clear on change of gear value
* 25 user-definable sensors for can-value-receive only
* new receive sensors available as cm axes
* gpsSpeed and gpsAltitude in basic gps receive
* single start/finish line compare value for can beacon receive
* prevent false value clipping on original redefinable sensors (was based on default definition min/max)
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Re: Latest S8C Firmware

Post by Ryan.g »

This Link is for version 1.599 of the S8 firmware.


Changes since 1.590
* Double-downchange blip strategy becomes multi-change and allows more than one target retune. This is to support integration with OEM gearbox controllers that can downchange many gears for one request.
* Option for latched pit switch to be on or off or as remembered at power on.
* Option to always log while engine turning (syncState is anything apart from NONE) regardless of normal logging thresholds.
* Faster logging start/stop evaluation (was 5Hz now 10Hz).
* Maximum primary / secondary fuel split in direct+port injection mode calibratable.
* Calibratable end-of-ramp for gear cut absolute ignition maximum.
* New configurable map use - scaled tacho output multiplier.
* Reduced default dbw final duties to 25%/75%. This is fine for most new builds and less demanding of wiring.
* Wastegate control minimum manifold pressure target is now calibratable as a function of alsSelect.
* Corrected displayed units of fuel split rate of change limit from degrees/cylinder to percent/cylinder (cosmetic effect only).
* Allow rpmDTR negative on configurable map axes.
* Fixed gear system pressure leak detection prime time (this feature was broken by a change in 1.556.2.1).
* Logging of gspControl now shows the relief valve activation period.
* PDU output state display now includes the alarm state from 2-12-x PDU code releases (due shortly).
* LR GPS-AG50 and GPS-A10 internal temperatures.
* Default ECP trip in new calibrations is now OFF. We have agreed ECP is uncommon enough that using ON is too disruptive for upgraders.
* Allow brake pressure scalings greater than 1 in driver brake pressure determination. This makes it simpler to match front and rear brake pressures specifically when setting up bpd as max of bpf and bpr to feed the brake and throttle safety trip function.
* Added manifold pressure option to tps/bpd trip. This allows an additional safety catch for un-demanded high power - in particular for single throttle forced induction engines which are calibrated speed/density.
* Option to clip standard wastegate strategy manifold pressure target limit to launch control manifold pressure target during launch.
* Prevent wastegate control base learning function from continuing to increase/decrease when output is already at 100%/0%.
* Improved user gear position faulting help notes.
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Re: Latest S8C Firmware

Post by Ryan.g »

This Link is for version 1.620 of the S8 firmware.


Changes since 1.599
Primarily aimed at endurance racing, this system allows the driver to request selected actions in response to team instruction, for example informing the ECU that a particular sensor has failed (thus forcing an A/B switchover for example) where the ECU has not detected the failure automatically. There is help in the calibration but, in essence, Set and Clear codes 1 through 99 are received via CAN, and mapped in the calibration to specific actions.
* Raw action Set and Clear codes are received from CAN A or B channels
* Monitoring items actionCodeSetAck/actionCodeClrAck are used to acknowledge last accepted codes
* Action is taken if received code acceptable and differs from last received code
* Received code <=0 is always no action
* Received code is passed through a mapping table in the calibration to choose the actual action
* Relevant set actions are remembered and reapplied after ECU reset (for example sensor faulting)
* Clear-All action applies all clear actions and clears all persistence
* Action persistence memory is cleared on code programming
* Action persistence memory is retained on calibration programming unless the mapping table is changed
* Monitoring item actionCodeActive cycles through the active persistent codes

* A/B redundant wheel speeds with swapover on sensor failure or sensor switch
* Action codes to set/reset wheel speed sensor faults
* Action codes to set/reset faults on all analogue voltage sensors
* Action codes to set/reset sensor zeroing groups
* Action code for calSwitch position fix/release
* Action code for alsSelectSwitch position fix/release
* Configurable rolling average filter on wheelSpin (new item wheelSpinFlt)
* New 12-position pitSelectSwitch (follows calSwitch if not configured)

* Action code receipt and handling
* General transmit now allows rates up to 1000hz (with an overall 4000 frames/second maximum)
* Bosch ABS M4 receives into wheel speeds A
* Bosch ABS M5 now supported; receives bpf and bpr and optionally sends desired ABS Switch Position to ABS unit
* Selectable default LR GPS speed (0 or maximum)
* Selectable default Basic GPS speed (0 or maximum)
* LR GPS date/time logging items
* Megaline E-Shift actuation frame transmit

Where deemed acceptable from a safety point of view, this allows a hand-held trigger external to the car to be used to control the drive-by-wire pedal demand for warmup control and shift checks.
* Value shown in ppsExternal; acts as jacker to ppsFinal
* Enabled via the gearbox control select switch (gcSelect)
* Single analogue input 5V only
* Two point voltage to pedal linearisation (0% and 100%)
* Single point maximum authorised pedal value
* High and low engine kill voltages

* Option to activate fuel pressure trip immediately on dip1Fault/dip2Fault
* Option to ignore engine speed on downchange from 1 without clutch when pit limit active
* Above option also ignores vehicle speed on downchange from 1 when pit limit active
* Linear rate of increase limit on oil pressure trip threshold

* More efficient (E) injector drive setting options (GDI4)
* Default GDI power level now STANDARD(E) (GDI4)
* Support direct injection pump control on non-ignition outputs if asynchronous
* Fuel Pump 1 PWM y axis configurable
* Instantaneous per-cylinder post-cut-enrichment

* Launch re-enable by vehicleSpeed disabled if vehSpdFault
* Launch re-enable by vehicleSpeed disabled above calibratable gear
* Launch exit by calibratable gear reached
* Option to exit launch stage by drivenSpeed
* Option to use brake light for launch switch
* Option to use rpmAvg instead of rpm

* wheelSpinFlt used by traction control rather than wheelSpin
* filtering of y axis in traction control spin target lookup
* vehicle speed lookups now use filtered vehicle speed

* Asymmetric DBW pedal demand filter - optionally different in rising and falling directions

* ALS duty ppsFinal y axis - allows aggressive DBW bypass to be blended down as pedal increases from closed
* alsSelectSwitch to alsSelect mapping by lap distance
* Option to limit bypass duty to blip duty for more consistent blips when running very aggressive ALS

* Pit/FCY entry speed guards are now relative to the speed target not absolute values
* Pit/FCY vehicle speed and engine speed targets are now f(pitSelect) not f(calSelect)
* Optional change light flash on speed goal attained for Pit/FCY limits
* DBW rev limit function (similar to pit limit DBW function)
* rpmDtr axis added to rev limiter torque reduction tables

* New CM map use : fuel pump 1 base duty add
* New CM map use : fuel pump 1 base duty multiplier
* New CM map use : closed loop lambda target adder
* New CM axis choices : fuelDutyPri1/fuelDutyPri2/fuelDutySec1/fuelDutySec2
* New CM axis choices : vvt1In/1Ex/2In/2Ex
* New CM axis choices : engTrqDmdPps/engTrqEstOutputTrans
* New CM axis choices : pitSelect

* Action code for fuel consumption clear
* Action code option for clearing reference lap
* Option to clear the reference lap via sensor zeroing
* Current reference lap time monitoring item
* gearCutClTime measure, reporting on duration of main cut (including any dog kick)
* Mandatory logging of engineEnable, syncState, runMode, calSelect, limpMode and btMax
* Option to use rpmAvg instead of rpm in fuel mass rate calculations

* Lap time measurements improved against external timing references (were approx 1.0008 times too long)
* Maximum lap distance increased from 25K to 30K
* Nameable carCode01..04 maps and items for simple fixed datastream transmissions
* Optionally ignore not-configured (no pin assignment) sources in sensor warning flags generation
* Option to restrict calibration checksum to maps flagged as restricted access
* Direct injection now supported for crank patterns G11/SKYLINE/VQ3X/VK56/VK56VD/KSERIES
* VIN code map and vinTx CAN transmit item
* Option for separate open and close variable intake pins
* Nissan VR30 crank pattern added
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Re: Latest S8C Firmware

Post by Ryan.g »




As you are aware we have always tried hard to make new firmware compatible with older ECUs and are generally proud of our record in doing so. This point was anticipated and boot code 1.68 was released in early 2015 in preparation. This code should therefore be usable in ECUs up to approximately three years old.

This Link is for version 1.653 of the S8 firmware.


Changes since 1.620

* Minimum boot code version now 1.68
* Closed loop PWM 01 (proportional+integral) with selectable target and axes (via the V/C menu)
* New CM map use : closed loop pwm duty adder
* 5 fixed instrumentation/gauge pwms replaced with 12 reconfigurable ones
* Traction control spin target y axis filtering duration maximum increased to 1 second
* Option to use rpmAvg instead of rpm in ALS
* Maximum gear setting for pit switch latching
* Alternate vehicle speed measure selectable during pit and full course yellow limiters
* Engine speed from vehicle speed and drive ratio monitoring item (rpmFromVS)
* output type select for lambda heater to allow high side drive using HB outputs
* check for and object to inverted voltage threshold calibration on wheel speed, turbo speed, pwm pedal position, fuel composition
* idleTarget available as cm map axis
* ignFinalPri1/2 available as cm map axis
* added dash (-) and 'illegal' alphabet characters to available vin tx characters

* sensor filter constants applied to x:can receive assignments
* logging bandwidth expanded by the equivalent of 40 additional 100Hz channels
* rpmFromVS available as cm map axis
* traction control linear decay now function f(tcSelect,gear)
* traction control recursive decay now function f(tcSelect,gear)
* new cm map use: pit speed adder
* new cm map use: fcy speed adder
* pitSpeedTarget monitoring item
* lmp pit/fcy limit maximum ignition advance tables
* allow rpmFromVS to be used as x axis for ALS
* increased number of wgp-based wastegate control maximum manifold pressure tables
* mean ignition angle monitoring items ignFinalPriMean/ignFinalSecMean
* pduA/B/C can receive now supports 48 channels for PDUX4
* standard wastegate control map target limit now f(rpm)
* LR GPS A10V2 can receive option (legacy A10 sent speed in knots rather than m/s)
* fuel pump-out switch
* fuel pump 1 pump out duty
* fuel pump 2/3 pump out options
* fuel pump out optionally disables fuel pressure trip when engine stopped
* optional run mode protection on all variable intake outputs
* variable intake switchover deactivation delay
* lean-trip threshold now 3D with configurable y axis
* starter enable output
* skyline sync pattern min and max tooth count
* increased number of base and target map rpm breakpoints in wgp-based strategy
* cal override A and B inputs (especially useful when in latching mode)
* increased acceleration sensor ranges (+/-25G rather than +/-10G)
* output type low-side/half-bridge/full-bridge for wastegate control outputs
* closed loop pwm 01 integrator rate configurable
* als driver demand addition f(wheelSpin,bpd) (for negative wheelSpin)
* als driver demand addition multiplier f(tcSelect)
* als driver demand addition decay rates (linear and recursive) f(tcSelect)

As you may know, usually ALS pushes on. However high-end RWD circuit cars have a tendency to rear wheel lock in ALS under heavy downforce-assisted braking. These changes allow for a form of negative traction control where ALS torque reduction can be removed to aid in that situation.

* simple rpmDTR stabilisation for launch

Without changing any other values, try creeping the new single-point stabilisation value up towards 1 (in stages). As long as you have a torque gradient against rpm error in the torque maps, this should somewhat stabilise the engine speed control by using a fraction of rpmDTR to affect the torque control lookup.

* new cm map use: change light threshold adder

* 5-point eot axis for eop start prevention

This should make the start eop1 limitation much more useful since oil viscosity can now be accounted for. Shares breakpoints with oil pressure trip eot axis for obvious reasons.

* closed-loop idle ignition authority multiplier with linear roi/rod

Hopefully obvious, especially if you log the new idleIgnAuth value, which goes from 0% to 100% when closed-loop idle is entered, and from whatever to 0% when it is exited. ignAddIdle is multiplied by this, resulting in smoothly increasing authority after entering idle, smooth decay on exit, and hopefully relatively smooth re-entry as well.

* idle duty integral min/max now f(driveRatioError)
* set driveRatioError 25000 not 0 when drivenSpeed 0 or gear unknown or neutral

These together should allow you to prevent idle duty integral windup when decelerating off-throttle in gear. The idea is to set the min/max to zero at driveRatioError of zero and fade it up to your normal min max values over maybe 50 to 100 positive driveRatioError. You should also fade up at negative driveRatioError, which is clutch-depressed and off-throttle while rolling (engine slower than expected).
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Re: Latest S8C Firmware

Post by Ryan.g »

This Link - CLICK HERE is for version 1.660 of the S8 firmware.


Changes Since 1.653

* rev limit fuel sev CM and dbw disable on Gearcut option
* rev limit fuel sev table under ignition control to help lower egts
* slight change to how traction control trq can add in ALS or GC trq - should be immaterial in almost all circumstances
* detent switch turn on vehicle speed maximum (only applies to physical switch not cal-switch detent yet)
* detent solenoid output; follows detent switch
* new cm map use: rev limit max
* rpmFromVS reverts to rpmAvg if abs(driveRatioError)>x (with hysteresis)

* pit limit deactivation by timeout/distance clears latching pit switch
* configurable SENT low and high voltage thresholds and timeout

Set to SAE standard and 10ms as default.

* ability to start traction control reinstate timer from end of GC main, GC trailing, or GC ramp
* maintain traction control disable time better in GC so always correct after variable closed loop cut or early termination of open loop cut by end of request
* if(tcTRq>0) optionally add gear cut sevs to tc sevs inc tcIgnMax=gearCutIgnMax-tcIgnRtd

This allows TC to be enabled in conjunction with gear cut trail or ramp-in and shave an additional effect if needed.

* ability to start knock control reinstate timer from end of GC main, GC trailing, or GC ramp
* maintain knock control disable time better in GC so correct after variable closed loop cut or early termination of open loop cut by end of request

* delay downshifts if excessive driven wheel lock (negative wheelspin)
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Re: Latest S8C Firmware

Post by Ryan.g »

This Link - CLICK HERE is for version 1.674 of the S8 firmware.


Changes Since 1.660

Lots of new stuff in this firmware, follow the firmware update guild here -

Cars with DCT and Cruise Control this update have some great features

* rev limit ignition active/reset time extended to 30s
* swapped wgMapLimit1 out for wgFinalDuty1 in fixed s7 datastream
* trq est/lim driver demand trq limit f(vehspd) becomes f(vehspd,pps)
* trq est/lim driver demand trq limit now ignored during gear blip
* new cm map use : trq est/lim driver demand mlt
* trq est/lim driver demand pps limit rod max (cf roi max)
* extended revlimiter ignition time
* In-range voltages for auto trans manual up/down inputs
* Downshift speed protection per gear in auto trans
- max scaled tacho pulses/rev increased from 12 to 60
- unfiltered vbat monitoring item "vbatRaw"
- add new frame with wgFinalDuty1, launchInStage, turboSpeed1Despiked, no2p in fixed s7 datastream
- swap wgMapLimit1 back in to original place in fixed s7 datastream
- calibratable wheelSpin calculation min/max
- alternate fixed-divisor wheelSpin calculation option
* ability to select 'radar' as driven speed (eg propshaft)
* als torque control optionally active when bypass duty zero
* rev limit engine speed error monitoring item "revlimitRpmErr"
* revLimitRpm available as cm axis
* revLimitRpmErr available as cm axis
* rev limit torque control ramp out per cyl event
* gear blip target multiplier f(revLimitRpmErr,rpmDTR)
* allow engTrqLim to be linearised/received/work negative
* rate-of-increase-limited engTrqLim monitoring item "engTrqLimRL"
* external torque limitation uses engTrqLimRL not engTrqLim
* trq lim minimum torque mlt via ign now f(engTrqEstMbt)
* dbw pps to tps target vehicle speed multipler now f(vehicleSpeed,gear)
* s7 : added cruiseVehSpdTarg to fixed can datastream (first item in new frame 622h)
* cruise pps gain by initial pps is deleted
* cruise pps min/max are now simgle points and will need setting again
* cruise nudge is by speed or rpm f[gear] depending on speed tuning active
* cal override switch always cancels cruise
* ability to nudge cruise speed up/down using cal up/down
* cruise switch available over can
* cruise up and down switches with in-range mode and available over can
* ability to nudge cruise speed up/down by dedicated switches
* msRevLimitRampOutCyls mappable against pps
* engTrqLimMltMinRtd monitoring item added