Latest S8C Firmware

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Latest S8C Firmware

Post by pat »

This thread is for tracking the firmware builds for the Syvecs S8C ECUs. When a new release is available it will be added to the end of this thread.

Notes on Firmware Update:

Depending on what firmware you currently have... to what you want to run, many items can change in the software. When you reload/import the calibration again keep an eye on what settings did not copy across by selecting the Tag options Explained below

Updating Firmware:

First of all you need to grab the lastest firmware or firmware you wish to load onto the Ecu. This can be done by going to the specific product area on the Syvecs forum and in the sticky section there is an area called “lastest Firmware”

Once the firmware is download you need to find out what serial number your Ecu is…. This can be done by opening Scal and powering up the ecu. Then Click on DEVICE …. CONNECT...Scal will prompt you on how you wish to access this device and state a Serial number. The other way to see the firmware is by looking at the top of Scal when connected to the Ecu.

Before Proceeding below ensure you have a copy of your current Calibration!!!

Now you have the serial number, Close all of the Syvecs Suite programs and double click on the .exe firmware file you downloaded and power up the Ecu.
You will be prompted to enter a serial number. Do so and press Enter.

When the flash is complete press the SPACE Bar

Now open up Scal and power up the Ecu again. Connect to the ecu and when stated load default calibration by pressing D

Now you need to Import your map back into the ecu by select FILE and IMPORT. Select your current Map

The ecu will state which maps imported successfully and which that did not. Look at the ones that did not and check that the maps are populated to your choice. An Option is available to TAG all the items which have changed. Syvecs highly recommend this is done.

On Some Firmware updates the I/O Configuration area of Scal will change and some items will be Unassigned. In this case you need to select them and choose NOT CONNECTED if you are not using them.

Once done Select DEVICE and PROGRAM and the Ecu should come back to Connected with a green light

Any further Questions please E-mail
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Re: Latest S8C Firmware

Post by Ryan.g »

Link Below is for new 1.353-1 firmware

Please note that the PC suite MUST be upgraded prior to using any firmware release after 351
Latest SSuite Software here - viewtopic.php?f=8&t=122

Link For firmware -


Full Flex fuel support and the following...

* fuelMltRelFpX tps threshold now -10..125 rather than 0..100

* minimum tps and map for ignition safety active

* tc spin target base map maximum value increased from 25% to 100%

* configurable maximum tc spin target (at most 500%)

* leanometer serial data receive

* damper reading range increased to +/-100cm

* safety margin switch input with single-point fuelMlt and ignAdd

* fourth fan output (on/off type, strategy as fan 1, fan 2)

* fan 1,2,3 menus labelled as Fan X (ON/OFF), fan 3 menu labelled as Fan 3 (PWM)

* all four fan output temperature sources selectable (ACT, ALTT, ECT, EOT or GBT)

* instrumentation power-on lamp test output

* f(fuelComp) transition curve for preliminary injection

* f(fuelComp) transition curve for start fuelling

* f(fuelComp) transition curve for start ignition

* f(fuelComp) transition curve for map target max curve
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Re: Latest S8C Firmware

Post by Ryan.g »

This Link is for version 1.371.1 of the S8 firmware.


This is a features / tweaks release and adds the following :

* Wastegate control map error threshold with integrator multiplier wastegate control bap compensation for base duty
* 12 position launch switch with override
* lrgps accelerometer receipt in conjunction with serial datastream output
* Trac Up and Down Options added - Perfect for using cruise control switches for a Trac switch
* Lateral G Gauards on all engine trips - stops engine from being cut due to oil stravation mid corner
* limp mode trip if vvt fails
* tbv A and B outputs with duty linearisations - For driving 3 pin idle valves open and closed
* option to turn on filter caps for wheel speed inputs
* tps-selected cut/blip strategy
* eop1/eot/ect/ccp/fp trips recoded
* tc base gain now f(vehspd)
* pit limiter vehicle speed/rpm targets variable on cal switch
* change light guard by vehicle speed (for use as auto change)
* closed loop lambda target adder by gear
* gear axis on blip prediction time
* gear blip soft limiter invocation (until x ms after blip end)
* ability to select gps speed as vehicle speed
* selecting gps speed as vehicle speed disables traction control
* cylinder trim speed and throttle thresholds removed
* 3D cylinder fuel trim (5 load breakpoints)
* clutch pressure sensor
* clutch switch from clutch pressure sensor if switch pin not defined
* Limp State causes Sensor Warning light to become active

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Re: Latest S8C Firmware

Post by Ryan.g »

This Link is for version 1.396.1 of the S8 firmware.


Above is the New S8 Firmware 1.396 which includes the first release of our new cruise control strategy which we have been thoroughly testing over the last month and have gone overboard on making the strategy the most safety orientated in the market but still allowing cruise to work on cars which don’t have a vehicle speed signal! Cars equipped with a torque converter will have to use the Vehicle speed tuning method though.

Attached is Cruise example map which is pulled from a working car before using please use ensure you have the latest SSuite. Dated in the About section of any of the Syvecs program as 30 Jan 2013

Please take note of the Changes to the I/O Config for assigning the cruise control switch and also the settings in the sensor area. Pastecal these into your map if using an SGTR Product,

1) Requirements for the strategy to be enabled at all

* Cruise control switch configured
* Drive by wire enabled
* Pedal Position Validation Enabled
* Throttle Position Validation Enabled
* At least one brake position sensor (includes datastream-sourced)
* At least one vehicle speed sensor (if vehicle speed tuning is enabled)

2) Conditions that can prevent activation as well as stop control once it is running

Instead of listing all the deactivate cruise control parameters which can cause cruise control denial or deactivation we have included a monitoring item to indicate the actual cause when a denial or deactivation occurs. This is CruiseDisableCause

The control strategy itself is relatively simple to describe:

At activation (switch press) and provided the enable conditions are all met, the current pedal position and engine speed is captured, and the maximum allowable engine speed error before control is disabled is latched as a fraction of the current speed. Maximum adjustment of the pedal demand from this position is latched, mapped against the current position. A gain for the pedal position tuning is also latched based on current pedal position and gear. If vehicle speed tuning is enabled and there is no vehicle speed fault (*) the current vehicle speed is latched, as is a maximum permitted engine speed tuning range, mapped as a multiple of current engine speed calibrated by gear. The control is then enabled.

(*) "vehSpdFault" is used for this. This now reflects a fault condition being present on any of the wheel speed signals being used specifically to calculate "vehicleSpeed". There is a new fault variable "drvSpdFault" which reflects faults on sources for "drivenSpeed". In particular can timeouts for Bosch-sourced vehicle speed values are now reflected in these states.

During control, vehicle speed tuning of the engine speed target only operates when the engine speed is very close to target and the vehicle speed has some error (we want a small dead band to prevent the control getting too busy). Both thresholds can be calibrated. If these conditions are met, the engine speed is crept up and down linearly at a non-calibratable 10rpm/second. If a vehicle speed fault is detected, vehicle speed tuning of engine speed target is disabled and the engine speed target is reset to its value at cruise activation. Cruise is not disabled however.

Engine speed control itself is frozen if the driver pedal input is overriding (higher than) ours (plus some extra conditions). The control will continue when the driver releases the pedal again. If the engine speed goes outside the acceptable range while the driver is on-pedal cruise will be deactivated.

Finally, the engine speed is controlled by a simple P/I control of pedal position adjustment, intended to be smooth and quite slow. The clips to the adjustment plus the clips to the engine speed target and engine speed error disable should prevent anything too nasty if things don't go to plan. The I term is clipped only if the sum of P+I exceeds the limits (it is immediately reduced so that P+I=limit, but not to the point of changing sign).

New Additions to the firmware also

* idleControlActive monitoring item and on/off output
* bosch m4 can receive of limp switch, cal up sw, cal down sw, als enable sw
* minimum DI stroke length reduced
* phaseless direct injection support
* tfc pos clamp now f(rpm,ectMin)
* vvt a+b outputs with independent linearisations
* custom can datastream option to duplicate on RS232
* limp-cause axis to the limp mode drive-by-wire limit
* serial transmission rate limiting
* Time out to Change light output
* S8 runs fan3 strategy even without output pin if bosch can configured
* alternate vehicle speed threshold for traction control during launch
* ability for cal override input to share with tc up and tc down inputs
* launch dbw limit
* CCP1..4 are no longer angle-averaged; various people have pointed out this is wasteful on CPU resources and unnecessary and I agreed.
* The GSP reading range has been increased to 25 bar (a trivial change requested by another customer).
* overboost ignition retard for torque smoothing
* second ignAddAct cal on cal switch
* second ignAddEct cal on cal switch
* S8 bosch m4 can rx cal override switch if not configued (777h byte 5 bit 7)
* S8 bosch m4 can rx (optional) cruise switch if not configued (777h byte 4 bit 2)
* S8 bosch m4 can rx (optional) gear position if not configued (777h byte 2 bits 3..0) (0=U 1=R 2=N 3=1 4=2 ..)
* disallow closed loop cut/blip/shift if gear position sensor not direct or on slave
* ability to run any general output strategy without a pin by assigning to "no pin"
* remove all previous S8 "run without pin" coding: air con / fan1,2,3,4 / fuelPump1,2,3
* change light adder on cal switch (single point per position)
* knock warning light output (as S6)
* alternate vehicle speed threshold for traction control during launch
* receive Syvecs GPS CAN even with custom can + Bosch M4 ABS rx

1.396 Cruise Example.SC
(397.96 KiB) Downloaded 1983 times
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Re: Latest S8C Firmware

Post by Ryan.g »

This Link is for version 1.402.1 of the S8 firmware.


This new S8 firmware brings the introduction of a new multi-configuration burst-capable datalogging system. SCfg now displays a base configuration that is always logged, plus various additional-configuration columns; these can add items not in the base configuration or increase the rates of items already there. Datalogging runs continuously as the extra configurations become enabled and disabled - you will not get any more logging sessions for a given run than you did before. Multiple additional-configuration columns can be active at any given moment and the logging rate for each item is always the highest rate defined for that item in any active configuration. Also, the underlying maximum total logged samples per second has been doubled.

SCfg shows a BASE column plus four additional-configuration columns; one named ENHANCED and one named GEARSHIFT and 2 others for Traction and Knock. The intention is that the BASE column is used for periods where you require minimal logging (road stages, yellow flag laps, on the run back from a drag and so on). The ENHANCED column should just contain the extra items (or faster rates) that you require when driving competitively. Whether the logging is running in BASE or BASE+ENHANCED mode is selected via the calibration switch. The GEARSHIFT, Traction or Knock column (optionally, via the calibration) becomes active when a paddle shift, gear cut, gear blip, knock retard event or traction event occurs, and is held active for a calibratable period of time after the shift is complete. We would typically use this to log gearV at 1000Hz during a gear change (along with improved rates on rpm, tps, and some trq items) while logging it at perhaps 5Hz at other times via the BASE configuration.

This code release also has the ability to support continual downloading of data as it is being logged. In a dyno situation SData can now be asked to continually record ECU logging directly to the PC hard drive, meaning that ECU memory size is no longer a restriction on dyno logging session size. Related enhancements should allow us to offer ECUs in the medium term with significant memory expansion options - note that we believe that the combination of our event logging and the new burst logging mean that you will be able to record high quality data in less memory than with most competitor products. In the medium term we will be providing solutions that allow data to be recorded continually to mass storage devices such as USB - we have this working internally but it will be a little while before it is reliable enough to offer to general customers.

There are a number of normal strategy updates in this release also. Briefly these are

* Fuel pump 1 can now optionally drive a PWM-speed-controlled fuel pump with specified priming duty, run on duty, base duty as a function of speed and primary load, plus the further option for closed loop fuel pump supply pressure (a P/I closed loop control looking at the FPP sensor value)
* Option for VVT control outputs to use the HB outputs in half- or full-bridge mode
* Nissan MR16 crank/cam pattern support
* Gallardo/Kseries Crank and Cam Support
* low battery voltage engine trip option
* two (cal-switch-selected) fuel consumption scalings
* turbo speed limiter fuel cuts (compare to the map limiter)
* default manifold pressure sensor value is now f(rpm,tps)
* three diff temperature sensor definitions (dtf, dtc, dtr)
* additional on/off fan stategy (fan 5)
* fan outputs 1..5 can be controlled from diff temperatures
* two multi-fan outputs that follow a configurable combination of fans 1,2,4,5

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Re: Latest S8C Firmware

Post by Ryan.g »

This Link is for version 1.405.1 of the S8 firmware.


* fuelMltCllX now displays three decimal places in datalogging
* closed loop turbo speed functionality in output functions / exhaust gas recirculation
* lean on load trip if lam>x tps>x map>x rpm>x and no trq cuts (see help text under the trip for details)
* limp mode dbw now selects lowest of multiple active limits
* Support for keying-sensor phaseless operation - in particular support for the Maxda RX7 rotary engine two-sensor OEM trigger setup
** limp mode rev limit configurable according to limp cause

If multiple limp causes are active simultaneously, the lowest of the corresponding rev limits will be used

* special throttle validation option for partially-validated OEM DBW bodies

Basically this allows the use of throttle bodies where the B sensor flat-lines at a certain point (typically around 50%). We now know of OEM bodies from both Nissan and Ford with this configuration. This update allows you to keep a tight A/B validation up to a particular value of the B sensor (you should set this slightly lower than the value the B sensor tops out at). When B is above this value the validation reduces from "A must essentially equal B" to "A must essentially be greater than B". For precise details see the help under throttle validation. A warning message will be displayed at every reset that this configuration is in effect - just as if you were running drive-by-wire without A/B validation.

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Re: Latest S8C Firmware

Post by Ryan.g »

This Link is for version 1.410 of the S8 firmware.


This Release includes updates to the Torque Estimation Strategy

A newer release including Auto Trans control gets released next week
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Re: Latest S8C Firmware

Post by Ryan.g »

This Link is for version 1.437.1 of the S8 firmware.



Changes from 1.410

* Full Automatic Gearbox control for Manumatic and Semi-automatic types..... Electrohydraulic and Dual-clutch coming later this year

* Alternate Secondary Injection Time

*Rev Limiter Update. You used to be able to choose between fuel cut or ignition cut. Now the limiter is always fuel cut if you stay in it long enough. You have the option to start with an ignition cut with absolute ignition timing limit. These ignition functions are active for a mapped 'active' duration from the point where you first enter the limiter. Going in and out of the limiter very quickly does not reset this timer. You have to go out of the limiter completely for the re-enable time before you can have ignition cuts again. After the timeout you get the fuel cut setting instead. If you don't want any ignition phase, set the active time to 0. Limp mode and downchange blip limiting goes straight to fuel cuts unless they don't reduce the normal rev limiter.

* VVT open loop has gained engine speed hysteresis

* Idle control now has a base fuel adder - only useful if you have a separate air bypass valve not DBW.

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Re: Latest S8C Firmware

Post by Ryan.g »

This Link is for version 1.440 of the S8 firmware.


Changes from 1.437

* REV LIMIT CHANGE (you should carefully check your settings after upgrading to this version): the ability to sit in an ignition cut limiter for an indefinite period of time has been removed; the rev limit is now assumed to be a fuel cut based limiter, with optional ignition timing limit and ignition cut to be applied instead for an initial limited period of time (and not when in limp mode); sorry I ran out of time to comment before release please contact me and/or test at low load with datalogging if the calibration is not obvious. Some important customers wished to produce a brief period of noise and flame from straight-through exhausts when they hit the limiter - this allows that to be relatively safely achieved...

* The change light strategy is now five stages with four outputs available: the first four stages progressively turn on the four light outputs; stage five flashes all light outputs and can optionally cause an automatic upshift if the ECU is running paddle shift gearbox control

* The standard wastegate control strategy now has a simple wastegate base duty learning function

* The optional wastegate-position-sensor based strategy ('New LMP') is now referred to as 'WGP-Based' and has gained a manifold pressure target multiplier for ait charge temperature, plus a throttle guard for it's base wastegate position learning

* Open loop VVT now has the engine speed hysteresis it always should have had

* There is a simple fuelBaseAddIdle f(idleDuty) in idle control to feed forward a fuelling adjustment based on added air flow

* The centre diff strategy has a duty adder as a function of traction control torque reduction (tcTrq)

* Some direct injection tweaks: a typing error has been corrected ('valve opening time' should always have been 'valve closing time' and 'sdipOpen...' should have been 'sdipClose...'); there is now an output duty linearisation for synchronous pump control which can be used to calibrate the progression shape of the piston-driving lobe. Our control has proven capable of close pressure control on most engines without this feature, but it is clearly sensible and allows sdipDutyKI to vary less; the shared-rail option has been enhanced to deal better with single-pump single-rail V engines.

* Maximum boost on load has been added to the per run logbook entries

* It was time to tidy and remove some old and very rarely used code. The following have been removed from this and future releases: the 'Old LMP' wastegate control strategy; the DAS4 datastream option; the LMP serial datastream option.

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Re: Latest S8C Firmware

Post by Ryan.g »

This Link is for version 1.463 of the S8 firmware.

Please Ensure you are using the Latest SSuite Software

* Air Charge temp Limp
* ECT Axis on Overrun Fuel cut
* Averaged RPM Option on Wastegate Control
* Clutch Switch Disables Cut on Gear Control Strategy
* Clutch Switch Disables Blip on Gear Control Strategy
* Fast Phase Sync for DI Engine, (speak to for more info)
* Hysteresis Option for VVT Control
* Generic Can Recieve Option (Help notes to be released in New Manual)
* Fuel Consumption Update with Fuel Density options
* Traction control tune switch option