ecu issues

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Re: ecu issues

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The forum members could help you much more if you posted up logs from your ECU, logs would provide a hundred times more information than a video.

I have seen issues with the comms wiring to the ECU, the wires are very thin and not as easy to terminate, so worthy of a check.

The only other issue I have experienced is that the lifenet server on my laptop appears a bit flaky when the laptop starts to go to sleep, there is a post on this Forum from Pat that talks about it. Sometimes when the laptop is brought out of sleep mode the comms spring back to life, sometimes I have to re-boot. However, this may be because my laptop ( DEll XPS 15) has an external Ethernet adapter.

When the lifenet server issue is present, all the characters on my screen go red, not just the ones at the bottom of the screen.

I can also see that the errors flag is flashing on your video, what errors are present when you go to view?

Stevieturbo is very experienced and is also very helpful, suggest you follow his advice.
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Re: ecu issues

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He did eventualy email me some logs.

However they did not follow the pattern I had requested, so that either means the method was not followed, or indeed the power is dropping out momentarily several times for the logs to stop start and create multiple short logs instead of one continuous log.

Although his description and video of the engine running dont really follow the latter either so hard to say. His video show steady running, to poor running, to loss of comms and stop.
I did ask repeatedly for him to confirm logging is active via a gauge with engine off and throughout the test but I still didnt get a definitive answer on that either, but it probably is ok.

But video doesnt really show running, dropout, running, dropout, running, dropout at random short intervals.

He needs to either test for power to the ecu to see if it follows this pattern, or temporarily apply a fixed 12v to the ecu to test. I did also ask to ensure ignore cam after 720sync was disabled too just in case the stoppage is related to a poor cam signal...again, this was never confirmed.

But something strange is happening.
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Re: ecu issues

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Hello people
So i found the problem on the ecu.
An output of the throttle body had a cold solder joint.

Now I have a new one and everything works wonderfull
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