I/C Water Spray

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I/C Water Spray

Post by crice »

On an S6GP fitted to a Subaru, I can't see any maps/tables for automatic intercooler water spray. Should I control this using the water injection options (if so, what if you have both)?
There is an auto switch in the car, I guess this needs wiring as an input and the pump as the output but what input should the auto switch in the car be controlling, is there the facility for an 'off switch' input on the water injection maps?

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Re: I/C Water Spray

Post by stevieturbo »

I think the auto on a Subaru is external and not ecu controlled.

But if you can hook up an ecu output to the relevant pumps etc, it would be very easy to do a custom table to spray water. Although as to the effectiveness of the OEM setup...is another matter.

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Re: I/C Water Spray

Post by johnfelstead »

IC Auto is ECU controlled on the OEM JDM car, when you switch Auto mode on the ECU controls the spray trigger. (There is no Auto mode on a Euro spec car)

With a syvecs installed the OEM Auto button becomes defunct, you then just need to trigger the IC spray via the Syvecs output connected to the pump relay trigger signal.

I just use the Water Injection tables to trigger mine, with a different set of setting for road use and sprint use, but you can create a custom output if you want to use something else.

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