Syvecs Question

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Syvecs Question

Post by Winarlen »

I am considering this as it seems this is the only system which has the Launch control some what figured out. I am interested in drag racing more so than circuit. I know, before any of you give me feed back as to, I should have purchased a straight line car rather than the RS. My answer to that is, that is the boring uneventful way to go about lowering ET's at the track. Any one can buy a straight line car mod away and get substantial lowered ET's. I plan on doing this the most exciting way, take a circuit car and lower ET's. Yes this will be a costly journey, but lets just say that is not the reason why I shouldn't.

I would like to know if any members have the Syvecs?
What is there thoughts on the system?
What launch gains have you logged using Syvecs?

Currently a stock RS can do a 1.7(If lucky) to 1.8 ( all day) short time using sport cup 2. Has any member done better on a stock car please let me know? So my question is, what is a reasonable short time using a Syvecs system?
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Re: Syvecs Question

Post by Trickster »

I am no expert drag racer or anything. However I can comfortably say that the capabilities of Syvecs with regards to building any car for drag racing will be bottle necked by the car setup and driver capabilities all day long.

Some of the fastest drag and rolling race cars in the world have done so using the Syvecs.

Just buy it and get to work, you'll never be disappointed

MR2 Turbo 5sgte 750hp 527ft/lb Syvecs S6
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