Injector setup

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Injector setup

Post by Grabla66 »

Is the X10 man enough to run injectors?

Looking at adding two to my 1.6T EcoBoost which uses GDI by default but needs more fuel to break the 320bhp ceiling.

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Re: Injector setup

Post by stevieturbo »

Currentwise, no problem at all.

But as injection events are generally timed...not sure they fall within an expanders abilities.

You might need to jiggle some outputs about to try and keep all injectors via the ecu, and move some other outputs to the expander.

I assume you just mean some regular port injectors ? I guess for some sort of untimed fuel spray, something could be worked via the expander, although not sure if it would be via the normal fuel tables.

I'm sure Ryan etc could advise better.

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