Fuel line and injector feeding

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Fuel line and injector feeding

Post by Chartreux »

Hello All,

I currently have several inlet manifolds and I see some differences in the fuel line routing and injector feeding.

GC8 MY00 + STI EUDM 02 injector feeding :

4 => 2 => 3 => 1


3 => 1 => 2 => 4

Knowing that firing order for all Impreza are 1 => 3 => 2 => 4, seems logical that fuel supply would be at the opposite such as GC8 MY00 and STI EUDM 02+

My question is why Subaru has different injector feeding for JDM V9 ? Does anybody knows ?
Second question, Is there any advantage to run same routing as per JDM V9 ?
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Re: Fuel line and injector feeding

Post by stevieturbo »

There will or may be different routing from the change from side feeds to top feeds.

Wouldnt think too much into it unless pushing beyond 500hp or so, then do proper parallel feeds

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