random features.

Any feature requests for the Syvecs Engine Control Systems
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Re: random features.

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That looks like a non contact sensor that uses hall sensing to determine the position, so perhaps not so easy to implement on a DIY basis.

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Re: random features.

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TimH wrote:
Slowie wrote:
TimH wrote:
FYI I'm testing a prototype of a simple expansion unit right now. It has:

- 4 inputs (selectable as AV, AU, AB or AR types)
- 1x Bosch LSU 4,2/4.9 lambda amp
- 1x EGT amp
- Barometric pressure sensor
- H bridge output
- gyro
- accelerometer
- USB for configuration
- CANbus (of course!)

This will be launched at the Autosport show.
Please keep all us international customers unable to attend Autosport up to date on this. Sounds exciting!
Will do!

Is this unit close to release already? When will you be able to tell us pricing, availability, etc?

Many thanks

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Re: random features.

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Still got some work to do on it...at least 3 months away I'm afraid.

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